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Immortal Romance Bingo Rules & Game

Immortal Romance bingo game rules

Immortal Romance is one of the most popular video slot ever created, from a software provider called Microgaming, and thanks to the games popularity, the software providers decided to create a bingo game incorporating the same theme.

In this article, we’re going to look at what Immortal Romance bingo is, and how you can play the game!

What is Immortal Romance Bingo?

Immortal Romance bingo is based on a 90-ball bingo variant, and you’ll see the cards and tickets are identical, in terms of structure, to those you’d find on a 90-ball bingo card.

What’s unique about the game, however, is that you’re limited to purchasing – this means you HAVE to purchase strips of tickets, as opposed to individual tickets.

The reason for this, is that each strip contains special numbers, which will stand out from the other numbers – and these numbers are responsible for triggering special features, which we cover below.

How to Play Immortal Romance Bingo

Dependant on which character’s numbers you get on your card, you’ll be awarded a special feature, with four options available.

The first is Amber, which sees you receive two free daubs, giving you a better chance to win. The second is Michael, and when this is triggered the numbers inside a column become wild numbers, giving you much greater chances of making lines and full houses.

The third, is Sarah, and when a special number is called out before the game begins, you’ll see up to four numbers on your card are daubed out automatically.

The fourth and final special feature is the Troy bonus, and on your strip of tickets you’ll see that one bonus ball is highlighted. If this ball is called, you’ll get between one and three numbers randomly daubed out from your card.

There’s also a jackpot wheel, which allows you to win up to £1,500, and this is triggered by filling a progression bar, called the special bonus bar, which can randomly during your game.