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Lucky Numbers Bingo Rules & Game

lucky numbers bingo game rules

Lucky Numbers Bingo is one of the most popular forms of bingo that’s not “conventional” – i.e. 90, 80, or 75 ball variations.

The game itself does take the form of a 90-ball game, but there are some unique twists that make the gameplay exciting – and we’ll look at what these are – along with how to play the game – in the sections below.

What is Lucky Numbers Bingo?

Lucky Numbers bingo is just like 90 ball variants, and you simply need to match one, two, or three of your lucky numbers with any of the balls, when ALSO making a one or two line, or full house.

When you do, you’ll win one of the Lucky numbers jackpots, and depending on the number of players playing, and the cost of your ticket, this amount can reach a pretty decent amount!

How to Play Lucky Numbers Bingo

In order to play, you simply need to select how many tickets you want to buy (most bingo sites offer these tickets on strips, typically in sets of 4), and once you’ve made your purchase, you simply need to wait until the next game begins.

When it does, you’ll be taken into the virtual bingo room, where the caller will begin to list numbers.

Like all online bingo games, your numbers are daubed automatically, and if you manage to make a one line, two lines, or full house, you’ll be awarded a prize as normal.

Of course, aiming for the jackpots is what you’ll really want – and if you hit one… well, you’re in for a nice pay day!

While it may be a little strange at first, Lucky Numbers bingo is unique, and fun to play, and with more bingo sites offering it, there’s a good chance you’ll come across it soon – so be sure to check it out!