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Pattern Bingo Rules & Game

pattern bingo game rules

Pattern Bingo is a unique take on 75 ball bingo – one of the world’s most popular bingo games.

In Pattern bingo, however, there are a few unique differences at play – and we’ll cover what these are, and how you can begin playing in the following article.

About Pattern Bingo

Pattern Bingo uses tickets that are made up of individual grids, comprised of 25 squares. These squares are delivered in a 5-row, 5-column format, and you’ll see that the centre square is a “free” square, like in regular 75 ball games.

All the numbers on your ticket are unique and vary between 1 and 75.

With up to 18 tickets available to play per round, there’s great scope for wins – and you’ll see what’s unique about these wins in the section below.

How to Play Pattern Bingo

Playing Pattern bingo is simple, and you just need to buy your tickets as you would be were you playing a regular bingo game.

The goal is to daub out the numbers behind a pattern – shaded squares found on your card – and if you do so, you win a prize, regardless of whether you make a conventional win, such as a one line, two lines of full house.

That being said, it’s worth noting that one lines, two lines, and full houses are still paid – although the prizes will be slightly lower than in the regular variation, due to the fact that the pattern prizes are compensated by lowering the prizes slightly.

While it may not offer anything too big, win-wise, Pattern bingo is fun, exciting, and it offers you more chances to win, without you needing to make lines and full houses.