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Speed Bingo Rules & Game

speed bingo game rules

Speed Bingo is a popular variety of classic, or traditional bingo, and speed bingo is offered at many reputable online bingo sites, to allow you to enjoy a little bit of unique gameplay.

Within this article, we’re going to take a look at what exactly speed bingo is – and how to play.

What is Speed Bingo?

Speed bingo – as the name hints – is bingo but played at a much faster rate than usual. While the exact time-frame for each game differs significantly, dependent on which site you play at, the average game time is around 30 seconds – ideal for players in a rush, or who don’t want to wait long to begin enjoying the action!

The game uses 30 balls and numbers – which is far less than most games – but this is all part of the faster gameplay, so don’t be put off if it all sounds a little strange!

How to Play Speed Bingo

Playing speed bingo is identical to other forms of bingo; you begin by purchasing a ticket, and once the next game begins, you’ll automatically be taken to a new screen, where you will see a countdown, informing you of how long there is left until the next game begins.

As soon as the bingo game starts, you’ll hear a caller reading out random numbers, between 1 and 30, and you simply need to daub any matching numbers of your tickets.

However, unlike other forms of bingo, speed bingo doesn’t reward you for making one, or twin lines; instead, the goal is to daub all your numbers (there are nine in total on a speed bingo card), and if you’re the first player to do so, you win – it’s that simple!

While it may appear different from most bingo games, speed bingo is actually great fun, and offers some good prizes if you’re the first to daub off your entire card!